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Solo Project


As an avid runner, I know what a huge difference a high quality running sock can make. We developed the Footsie Socks as a way for runners to always have a great pair of running socks on deck in a fun and appealing subscription box.


Running socks are one of the most important accessories for comfort and avoiding running injuries. A lot of people who are getting into running, or even experienced runners, do not know of their importance or do not own enough to last them between laundry cycles.


To create a subscription box that delivers high quality running socks and attracts users through fun, approachable branding and advertisements that educate runners on the importance of a good running sock.

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Research & Demographics

While there are several different subscription boxes with accessories for runners, and plenty of sock subscription services, there are zero that are for running socks.

Sock Subscriptions tended to skew toward quirky dress socks with fun patterns, but nothing for athletics, while boxes for runners focused more on snacks and small accessories. Only Stance Socks Subscription had a monthly service that allowed for users to choose what they'd use their sock for, which includes athletics/running.

I conducted a poll for runners that was spread among many different communities about some of their habits, needs and expectations for a sock box subscription. I also interviewed several running experts about what they look for in a sock, and the importance of running socks for general athletic health.

Key Take-Aways

  • An overwhelming majority want a quarterly package of socks, perhaps to coincide with the season.

  • Most respondents were particular about their brand of running sock.

  • Three pairs seems to be the magic number for a box of socks.

  • Respondents were pretty evenly split on whether people want a "surprise" pack of socks.

"I would like the option to choose each month, it's something I look forward to."

"I only use Feetures socks because of the mid-foot compression. It's a technical thing. They're also high-quality."

"I like having long socks for the winter and for mud when I do trail running."

"I would like to have the opportunity to change my choice from month to month, sometimes picking colors by myself and sometimes getting a surprise."


I developed the function, onboarding, marketing and personalization based on research that I completed with runners, as well as a white boarding session that I completed with my instructor Erik Fadiman on how the service will function for users.

The landing page is organized in a way to first educate users on how the service works and then display core benefits over using the service over buying running socks at retail. The onboarding process allows users to customize their sock brand, the type of material and the frequency they will receive their socks.




Box Design

Branded Headband


Visual Design

Footsie's visual matches the colorful and bright aesthetic of popular running sock brands. Running gear is normally bright or neon-colored for high visibility, and the palette was chosen to reflect this. Illustrations are clean and accessible, as they are used to tell the story of how the subscription system works.

The packaging for each box is very minimalist, but when opened reveals the fun marketing imagery used in the advertisements. This is reminiscent of the strategy used by Casper Mattresses, which has a fun and quirky marketing campaign, but still advertises a premium brand.

Included with each box is a branded bonus running accessory, such as headbands, running wallets and sunglasses. Small add-ons for each box were a common request in my online polling.


In polling and interviews I determined that one of the best places to reach dedicated runners was through online fitness influencers. Influencers oftentimes have sponsorships for their videos, and give personal testimonials for a product while b-roll footage provided by the sponsor plays over their voice-over. I storyboarded a general explanation for how the box subscription works, along with a voice-over script on its benefits and value. Using these storyboards, I animated b-roll footage for the influencer to talk over.

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