Dirty Dog Hot Dog Rebranding


Brand Identity, Illustration, Print Design, Copy Writing, Layout, Animation


Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Procreate, After Effects, Animate, Blender


12 Weeks


Anders Hanson


Dirty Dog has had to downscale considerably during the Covid-19 pandemic and would like to expand when restrictions are lifted. None of their branding distinguishes them from the competition, and their current logo is a piece of clipart that is used by several other hot dog businesses in the USA.


To create unified branding for Dirty Dog that presents them as an established local fast food cart and caterer and sets them apart from the competition.

Dirty Dog Instagram Ad


Seattle Dirty Dog Hot Dogs was created in 2010 by Binyam Wolde, who immigrated to Seattle at the age of 16 from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. They specialize in a consistent Seattle-Style hot dog, with cream cheese and lots of toppings. Until recently, Dirty Dogs had six hot dog carts throughout the city. They also did catering for businesses and parties, which was a large part of their business.

When the COVID-19 pandemic reached the United States in 2020, he had to scale back his business considerably, and has shrunk to one cart located on Capitol Hill near Cal Anderson Park. He hopes to expand his business again soon.

Brand Development

Dirty Dog Hot Dogs is known for a consistent hot dog delivered with great service. Though we did not work directly with the client, we patronized their cart several times to familiarize ourselves with the product, service and clientele. We familiarized ourselves with the local competition and the recent struggles that the business is facing. Through this research, we boiled down the brand's character around which we shaped its branding.


The Dirty Dogs brand is positioned in the Approach Territory (how). Within the mission territory it can be positioned further as a reliable food staple. Its top brand attributes which support its position are perseverance, friendliness, and adaptability.

Mission Statement

We are the go-to place for a late-night snack with friends or a satisfying lunch break at work — rain or shine, relish or sauerkraut.

Brand Promise

We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice friendly service for a quick, high quality, and affordable bite to eat. That’s why, rain or shine, we will be out selling our dogs to the community, and if you can’t come to our cart, we can come cater for you.

Visual Design


We settled on VAG Rundschrift for headlines and titles for its round and friendly characteristics. Neue Haas Unica was chosen for body copy, as it's very clear and readable both in printed materials and on the web. Collateral may include hand-lettered accents.


Our colors are an update on the classic retro hot dog vendor, with the Golden Yellow used to accent the more dominant warm reds and casual dark blues. A cool offwhite prevents colorways from becoming too stark and high contrast.

Logo Exploration

Our logo took two elements that we felt typified our concept board, combining the no-frills charm of an established local fast food restaurant with the fun sensibilities of quirky 80s street art. Thus, Dirty Dog's mascot Franky was born.


Illustration for Dirty Dog is drawn in a similar style to the logo, evoking chalk drawings that you see around the city. Human figures are drawn unposed and casual. A slightly different shade of blue is used for the illustrations to display better on screens.


We Mean Business

Dirty Dog is poised to expand not only its catering and cart business but its menu as well. To meet these goals, our promotions will be spread across physical material as well as social media.

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